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Mr. Bushman
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- Biology Agriculture-
This class will cover a broad range of biology topics from animal science, plant science, cellular science, genetics and ecology. Biology is one of the fundamental processes of life. It is important to understand how not only we function, but also the environment around us too.It is my intention for you to leave this class with a greater appreciation of agriculture, biology and give you positive ideas for careers in the field of agriculture and biology.
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Natural Resource and Managment
Equine Science and Technology
Agriculture Science and Technology
Biology Agriculture :
Scientific Process  
  Science Process - Power Point  
  Using the Scientific Method - Assignment  
  Using the Scientific Method - Exam Review Guide  
Cell Chemistry  
  The Chemistry of the Cell - Power Point  
  Chemistry of the Cell - Laboratory Worksheet  
  Chemistry of the Cell - Review Guide  
Cellular Functions
  Cellular Function - Power Point  
  Cell Function - Laboratory Worksheet  
  Cell Function - Review Guide  
Cell Structures
  Cell Structures - Power Point Power Point Guided Notes
  Cell Mall/Amusement Park - Project  
  Cell Cheek Swab - Laboratory Worksheet  
  Cell Structure - Review Guide  
Cellular Reproduction - (Mitosis)
  Cellular Reproduction - Power Point  
  Cellular Reproduction - Worksheet  
  Cell Reproduction - Review Guide  
Genetics and DNA
  Genetics and Heredity in Agriculture - Power Point  
  Penny Probability - Worksheet  
  DNA Extraction Lab - PowerPoint  
  DNA Assignment - Worksheet  
  Punnet Square Assignment - Worksheet  
  DNA Strand Assignment - Activity Cut Out Sheets  
  Genetics Review - Worksheet  
  Classification of Organisms - PowerPoint  
  Classification Assignment - Worksheet  
  Dichotomous Keys - PowerPoint's  
Animal Sciences
  Animal Anatomy and Physiology - PowerPoint  
  Fetal Pig Dissection - Instructions  
  Fetal Pig Dissection Assignment - Worksheet  
  Animal Anatomy and Physiology - Review Guide  
Plant Science
  Plant Anatomy and Physiology - PowerPoint  
  Chapter 27 Find - Worksheet  
  Plant Group Project - Worksheet  
  Plant Science Lab - Worksheet  
  Plant Science - Review  
  Evolution in the Modern World - PowerPoint Evolution PowerPoint Guided Notes
Energy in Biology
  Energy in Ecosystems - PowerPoint Energy in Ecosystems - Guided Notes
Agriculture Ecology
  Ecology - PowerPoint  
  Environmental Review Guide  
State Final Review Guides
  State Comprehensive Review Guide Review Guide 1
  Review Guide 2 Review Guide 3
  Review Guide 4 Review Guide 5
  Review Guide 6 Review Guide 7
  Review Guide 8 Review Guide 9
  Review Guide 10 Review Guide 11
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